Arts & Crafts Fair Standards and Rules

1.       Exhibit spaces measure 10’ x 10’.  No awnings allowed by order of the Fire Marshal.

2.       Spaces may not be shared.  Each artist will be allowed only one space per entry (double spaces granted at the discretion of the show committed due to space limitations).  No guarantee is made for storage space behind or on side of booth.

3.       All participants must provide their own display, sturdy enough to withstand crowds, winds and weather conditions.

4.       Each artist is responsible for their own booth set-up and preparation.

5.       All works of art must be ORIGINAL.  Paintings reproduced from woks of the Masters from advertisements and from widely circulated photographs are no considered original works of art and may not be displayed or sold.  All work must be attributable solely to the displaying artist.

6.       Objects assembled from commercially sold kits are not allowed.

7.       Works exhibited and displayed must include works attributable in style and quality to those submitted for review by the Selection Jury.  Sanibel-Captiva Rotary reserves the right to remove any exhibitor whose works differ significantly from their samples submitted with the online application.

8.       Dealers or agents may not stand in proxy for artists. (ID will be required at Check-in and Check-out.

9.       Exhibitors not checked in before 8 a.m. Saturday will lose the right to their space.

10.   Judging will begin 10 a.m. Saturday.  Artists must be present with their displays during the judging. Artists must personally exhibit their work both days to be eligible for an award.

11.   Artists must exhibit during the schedule show hours.  Leaving early automatically forfeits eligibility for future shows.  No Agents or Substitute/Stand-ins are permitted.  YOU, the Artists, must be present at the show.

12.   Ribbons from other shows may not be displayed.

13.   Booth ID Placards must be displayed on front of booth and visible from pedestrian aisles.

14.   An accepted application is a binding commitment to show and no refunds will be made for cancellation less than 30 days from show date (except for documented illness received up to 24 hours from show date).

15.   No pets belonging to exhibitors are permitted on show grounds, except service animals.

16.   No commissions will be taken on any sales. Artists are responsible for their Florida sales tax.

17.   The Art Fair is a family-oriented outdoor show for spectators of all ages. Work exhibited must be in keeping with the atmoshphere.  In order to insure that all rules are being complied with, all displays will be viewed by the Viewing Committee throughout the show.  The Viewing Committee has sole discretion to require removal of work(s) which violate any of the rules.  Violations may result in an artitst being asked to remove his/her exhibit from the show.

18.   Set-up, parking and registration instructions will be mailed/emailed upon acceptance to the show.

19.   The Sanibel-Captiva Rotary Club will have on-site security day and night.  However, the Club is not responsible for damage, theft or loss of an individual’s material or personal property.

20.   Artist may demonstrate their medium within their booth.

21.   If an artist’s display breaks or damages another artist’s work, he/she is responsible for paying for said damage in cash.

22.   Space is limited in our fairground area.  No vehicle over 25-ft or trailer over 20-ft will be allowed into the set-up area.

23.   For security reasons, all artists and assistants must visibly wear name tags when in show grounds.

24.   Jury and Judge(s) reserve the right to re-classify category of application.